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WoodStudio software sales model

FrontStudio+ is a dedicated software, which means that each of its version is unique and has the modules and options relevant only to one customer. Each version of the program is carried out individually and performed modifications are not transferred to the version designed for other customers. This enables any configuration software strictly for the real needs of the end-user.

FrontStudio+ licensing is extremely easy. Purchase a license unlimited in terms of the validity period and the number of workstations where the program is used.

Due to the nature of dedicated software, it is not possible to make one general offer. If you are interested in purchasing FrontStudio+ system or you have any other questions - please contact us. We will explain our products in details, and we will make you an offer free of charge.

By letting us to prepare the software for your business you decide to work with a partner who has many years of experience in the furniture industry. We know all the specific furniture indystry terms. We have the knowledge about and are able to design production processes. After analyzing your production methods we will offer you possible changes or modifications and if you are happy with them as a whole we will adjust our software to suit you.

We operate in a transparent and clear way- choosing to interact with us and purchasing our software you get a comprehensive offer that includes all the steps of:

  • software making
  • implementation
  • configuration
  • starting-up
  • training.

After the purchasing you are not alone ! In addition to the standard warranty we provide any additional service. If you want, we can take care of the complete system and the server machine. Monthly service guarantees the system running model 24/7/365.

No hidden costs and strange rules. We believe that a satisfied customer is the best recommendation and advertising for our business and our products.

Check us out ! Contact one of our customers and ask for references !